Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why not chiropractic for me?

This is a legitimate question you may ask as you read thru my story. For now I have a simple answer - It would not be unlikely for me to go that route in the future if what I'm doing now doesn't give me results. There are two main reasons I want to stick with my course of treatment for now:

One - I have a lot of confidence in my neurologist, who has been very thorough and open to exploring lots of things "outside" of standard nervous system disorders. I also trust her ability to determine if a systemic problem exists as we go through several hoops and see what happens. The real question is, is there something wrong with my system as a whole or are other secondary causes producing the symptoms?

Two - The orthopedic specialist is in the same group with my primary, my neurologist, and my gynecologist. When I met with him, he understood right away why my first PT visits weren't helping me and knew what to do about it. He sent me on to another PT that is absolutely amazing in her anatomical knowledge and her system of testing and treating me for symptoms I explain. She also acknowledges that her field of expertise is fairly new and not yet in the mainstream, which I think is an indirect way of addressing the chiropractic vs. doctor distinction that many people have come to believe. Chiropractors get to the root of the problem, doctors merely treat the symptoms. This has NOT been my experience with these particular health care professionals.

I expect that my treatment plan will work, and it will be long and hard. Seeing a chiropractor might be a shortcut, but I'd rather work with a "team" of specialists for now who have a full arsenal of traditional medicine and new approaches to dealing with things wholistically.

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