Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two week mark

Hi, it's been two weeks since I had my injection. I thought that if it worked I'd be feeling way different by now but my therapist told me it takes at least two weeks before you can really make any conclusions on how well it did the job. So I'm just waiting it out. My symptoms have settled down in some ways and been worse in others, and the bottom line is I still have to rely on my meds to get me through. Standing and walking have gotten easier, but sitting has been more of a problem. Right now I'm typing from my basic wooden rocker in my bedroom, it suits me pretty well. If this sitting trouble is just related to the injection itself, then I can be fairly encouraged because the standing and walking was what was hardest for me before.

I'm amazed I've been living with this for nine months now! I really don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I honestly don't remember what normal symptom free life is like. It's not like I'm always in pain, but there are so many times through my day that I'm feeling at least a little of something - stinging, stiffness, soreness, twitching, buzzing (yeah, it's like electricity and can be really annoying). Probably after the first two months I started blocking out what I was feeling at least part of the time. It just feels like me and I don't always realize it's there.

The reason the doctor decided to give me the injection was because even though I was starting to get better, it was so gradual he wanted to speed up the process. He also wanted to see if the SI joint is really the source of the problem; I should respond to the injection if it is. At the same time, my physical therapist tells me I'm such an unusual case symptomatically that what normally helps others may not work for me. She still feels fairly convinced the SI joint is the source of the trouble. It's hard not to agree w/ her because of how she examines me and can tell me exactly how I'm misaligned. Sometimes her treatments in the office help and sometime they just aggravate me more. It just depends, I'm not sure on what. She says it'll take a lot of work and time for my body to stabilize. I have to make it happen by strengthening all the supporting muscles. So far I'm on board to do what I think will help in the long run but there are times I question if we're on the right track. We'll see how things pan out and hopefully I'll have a better sense of things soon.

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