Thursday, November 19, 2009

why I stay up late when my husband's away

It's late and I'm not tired. I'm usually exhausted by now. I seem to be more wakeful when Dave's away and find myself puttering away my time, like writing on this blog just for the sake of doing something.

Here are some theories:

1 - I miss him and can't settle w/o him.

2- I don't miss him and enjoy alone time w/o him.

3 - I do more frivolous things w/o worrying he'll think I'm being frivolous, like playing around w/ outfits or redecorating the house.

4 - I craving more social contact thru writing since I don't have someone to talk to, although admittedly we prob talk more when he's away than we do when he's home.

5 - I'm not tired because he wears me out.

6 - I'm overly tired because I carry more of the responsibility and so I have to unwind.

7 - I have a houseful of teenagers, oh yeah, that's pretty much normal whether he's here or not but I'm running out of excuses. But aha, this is actually a reason b/c I like to know we're all settled for the night before I retire - I can snooze away when he's here, even when the guys are gone. Is this logical? I think not.

8 - When he's gone I don't feel like reading as much which makes me tired.

9 - I was going to try to come up with ten reasons because that seems like the magic number. Let me see if I can do two more (yawn)... well now I'm really awake b/c a bunch of smoke alarms just went off from burned popcorn downstairs. Let's see, #9 I'm subconsciously more worried that something will go wrong???

10 - I like staying up late b/c it's so quiet (w/ the exception of what happened a few moments ago). No, he doesn't snore. He does sometimes flip thru magazines or keep his light on after I've turned mine off, but that doesn't really affect me too much. So this is probably a lame reason. But I've got ten now and I'm very very tired. Good night.

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Tom Best said...

I do the same thing, and I don't know why. When Annette is away, I stay up till like 1 or so... usually just watching TV. Not sleepy. No clue.

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