Monday, July 26, 2010


My husband and I watched Avatar on our "small screen" TV but I was still very impressed with the excellent cinematography. It must have been awesome in the theater.

I would promote this movie based on its excellent portrayal of FALSE RELIGION. What??? Yes, I think it accurately depicts the opposite of what is true - it includes worship of created things, ancestors, and even demonic influences that masquerade as light. One scene in particular shows a possessed being.

In addition, it shows how false religion has the elements of true religion. Creation is indeed a unified "force" for lack of a better word. Genesis 1 makes that clear, as well as Revelation which shows what the restored earth will be like. There is indeed "energy" but in true religion that perceived energy is the one true God's love, power, and divine attributes that can be clearly seen by anyone who opens themselves to understanding (Romans 1, "God's invisible qualities can be clearly seen by everyone, no one has an excuse." The "energy" also includes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to those who embrace Christ as their only hope of salvation.


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