Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bulging disc (again)

I saw a pain specialist today that works w/ some of the best neurosurgeons in the state, from the research I did. He looked at my MRI and said even tho the bulging disc is minimal he feels it's the main source of my pain. I have an injection scheduled for next Friday. He says it should give lasting relief. I don't want to get my hopes up too much but it sounds very promising. The doctor said the SI joint is likely only causing around 20 percent if any of my trouble, but the injection will address that too if it's part of the problem.

This is the first time a medical doctor has looked at my MRI and acknowledged a bulging disc. I've had two out of three chiropractors mention it, one of which thought it was the source of my pain. That was the guy in Peoria who told me he couldn't treat me b/c of the travel. My current chiropractor saw it but didn't think it was the main source of my pain, altho his adjustments have helped me somewhat.

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