Friday, July 17, 2009

Brief Health Update

I'm walking and standing great 90 percent of the time. Sitting can be a challenge if I'm not in the right position. My leg still stings a little bit off and on when I'm on my feet, but no more major stiffness, unless I'm very active physically (i.e. breaking my PT rules). When it starts to act up, I ask Dave to do a leg pull before it gets bad.

Medication wise, I visited my neurologist a couple weeks ago and she changed the medication I've been on since the ER; it's not intended for long term. She switched it out to a low dose antidepressant that's supposed to help w/ twitching as well. The transition was rough at first w/ extra tiredness but I think part of it was withdrawal from the old medication now that I'm feeling more normal. Since I had trouble she put me on a half dose and today I'm doing the full amount. I expect I'll be a little extra tired the next day or so and then adjust. I counteract w/ caffeine - not too much :).

The other thing that happened w/ this new med was it didn't interact well w/ one of my others, I started feeling more spaced out. I was relying on that med for nerve pain, and since this new one was supposed to help w/ that as well, I cut down how much I take since the amount was up to me. That did the trick.

Bottom line, I'm feeling mostly normal most of the time. Yay! But I still have major activity limits. Boo. But I'm doing a 15 minute workout on equipment at the club 3x a week which seems to be helping overall. Yay. But I'm still pretty dependent on meds. Boo. I take 4 meds and 4 supplements.

Ok, this was supposed to be very brief so BYE!

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