Monday, July 27, 2009

Radical Life Changes

There's less than a month before school starts, and I won't be home-schooling. That leaves me feeling confused about what life will be like for me come fall. I have some definite goals, to exercise and continue w/ PT, to provide more variety and nutrition in meals, to spend extra time w/ Dave, to attend a Bible Study, and to be involved in the kids' schools. I may do some extra writing if I get inspired - I've always wanted to write articles and such based on my personal Bible study at home.

One word I would use to describe myself is methodical. I guess that could conjure up different ideas for different people, but for me what it means is I like to pace myself, I'm not a super-energized get it done quick type of person. Rather I like to take my time and pay attention to detail w/ whatever I'm doing. You would laugh at me if you saw my process even in writing, I read and re-read and make sure my thoughts are expressed to my satisfaction. I do a lot of editing as I'm writing. Anyway, life the past six years (and even before to a lesser degree), has demanded of me that I fly by the seat of my pants and not take my time the way I'd prefer. With the changes that are coming, I think I'll have a little more freedom to be that way, hopefully I won't get lazy. I want to be intentional and focus on what glorifies the Lord and builds up my family, church, and community.

Not only myself, but the rest of the family is going through some radical changes. Ethan starting college, Bryan branching out w/ his music and exploring where God is leading for college, Katrina starting "classroom" life, Samantha doing a full day at school, and Dave trying to manage life with us all in our various stages. He's full of wisdom and does a good job keeping us all on track.

Well I'm actually very exhausted, I've been struggling w/ major tiredness most of the day and so it's been hard to write. But I need to be sitting to rest my leg so I thought I'd give it a go.

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