Friday, February 12, 2010


Today the chiropractor did an extra exam, and some things have definitely improved from what he tested. However, my main two pain areas, my leg and my left lower back, are still giving me trouble on an ongoing basis, enough that I still have to rest a lot, wear shoes all day, and not do any heavy work. I have decided not to wear the belt and the heel lift in my shoe for now in case they might hinder the corrections from working properly, and I've also cut back on one medication.

I'm also still working on getting help from insurance. I'm wavering about whether to complete this course of action knowing there are other options; the only ones I'm considering would require traveling almost an hour. So I think I'm going to keep plodding ahead; it's frustrating because the charts show improvement (from the adjuster machine) as well as range of motion and pain tests I had today, but I'm still not getting significant relief. That makes me want to tough it out since the doctors keep saying it's going to take awhile. Of course, that what's PT said as well, which was why I decided to try chiropractic. I'm tired of having to "endure" a little longer in the hopes of actually finding healing.

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