Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On the other leg...

Okay, now you're gonna see the real Nita, the human flesh Nita, and then I'll get back to being the adult w/ perspective.

So I tell my chiropractor, now I have a slight ache in my RIGHT knee (my good leg). He says that can't be related to the treatment we're giving you. C'mon. Get real. I haven't had any trouble whatsoever w/ aches and pains in that leg but now I do? True, I had those weird electrical sensations in that leg at the beginning so it's not like it's been normal all along, but this is definitely something new. And c'mon, you told me before that my symptoms are all throughout my spine because when it started in the lower regions I became like the "leaning Tower of Piza" and had problems in other areas as well. BUT!!!...I can't have symptoms in my other leg as a result of messing around w/ my spine? You're not being consistent.


Okay, now the rational adult Nita. I actually like my chiropractor and believe his method is a good one. The question is, is it a good one for me? We shall see. I've got 6 more weeks of 2 times a week. The charts are saying I'm improving, my symptoms are still fluctuating but I'm functioning fairly well, so I'm not really any worse off even w/ the knee which only aches when I first wake up.

I would appreciate prayer for a neuro appt this Friday. I may try to change some medications, due to various reasons I won't go into here. This will get me even more confused, but I only see her every two months and need to make some decisions now.

Thanks for reading.

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