Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update on Chiropractor Appointment

I have decided to continue w/ chiro treatment under Dr. Bly for another 12 weeks, once a week. He reviewed several things with me today - my exrays from last week and all my neuro testing. From the exrays I saw that my neck is almost 100% better and my mid and lower back have both improved but still need a little ongoing correction. One of the things he offered to do was manual adjustment to my hips along w/ the pro adjuster machine. This seemed to be the "answer" I needed when I was considering trying a different chiropractor. I didn't mention anything to him about manual vs. machine; he just offered based on the progress I was making. He actually went ahead w/ an adjustment including the manual today, and I was pleased w/ the method he used, similar to my physical therapy. Time will tell if I experience extra relief, I'm hoping so!

The neuro testing showed that I had moved from 9 positive tests for disc and nerve pressure to only 2, and moved from 10 areas of hypo-mobility to 3.

I have also been experimenting w/ inserts in my shoes for arch support and am finding some things that are working. I had seen a podiatrist and am using one that he recommended, along w/ a couple different kinds that work better in other shoes. I now know that if I relieve pressure off the heel of my foot it puts me in the proper stance to move freely w/ minimal pain.


MSTauteur said...

Sounds like a good report and plan. Any news from insurance yet?


David said...

Yes, insurance is finally kicking in for 12 adjustments and I'm trying for another 12. That will at least partially cover the first 3 months. After that I think I can manage on my own.

Anonymous said...

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